Wednesday, May 02, 2007

When I programmed in 6809 assembler

I have been asked how could I have programmed in 6809 assembler since a ZX-81 computer used the Zilog/NEC Z80 CPU. So to clarify things, I only ever programmed in BASIC on the ZX-81, but in the mid eighties I had a job designing and programming realtime controllers for fruit grading and handling machinery. These controllers used the 6809 processor. It was a very interesting and challenging job. The code was created on a system running Flex 9 OS, burned to EPROM and then tested in the real hardware. Debugging was done using a logic analyser.


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Jim said...

Hi - is this the same Mark Rees that programmed Midasplus at Prime? If it is, we met once at a customer site in Indiana, with Ian Reid. We were a beta tester for Midasplus when you guys rewrote it.

I have a Prime emulator running rev 19.2. If you want to try it, send me an email: prirun at gmail dot com.