Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hex Dump Tools written in Python

In reviewing my blog access stats, it would appear that most used search engine keyword combination that sends visitors to my site are "hex" and "dump". So to not disappoint these 20% of visitors, I have tracked down a number of hex dumping tools written in my favorite programming language.

READBIN by Tony Dycks is a Text Console-based program which reads a single Input File specified on the command line one character at a time and prints out a formatted hex "dump" representation of the files contents 16 characters per display line. A prompt for continuation is issued after displaying 20 lines (320 characters of information). An entry of "X" or "x" followed by the key terminates the program execution. Any other entry followed by continues the display of the formatted hex and character information. A "." character is used for any non-displayable hex character

Hex Dumper by S├ębastien Keim is a function which will display to stdout, the classic 3 column hex dump of a string passed to it.

Hexdump by Ned Batchelder prints a 3 column hex dump to stdout of a list of files or stdin.

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A. said...

I thought this python recipe for a hex dump port forwarding server fits in with the other tools on this page ...