Sunday, July 14, 2013

My latest programming challenge - Android

Every year I try to learn at least one more programming language or technology. At the moment, discovering the high's and low's of Android development. Everything was going well and then upgraded to Android Studio 0.2. So after modifying my file so that that the section is equivalent to:
dependencies {
        classpath ''
        .... additional classpath's

due to Android Studio 0.2 supporting gradle 0.5.0 or latter, and the previous version of Android Studio using gradle 0.4. I was confronted with this error:
FAILURE: Could not determine which tasks to execute.
* What went wrong:
Task 'assemble' not found in root project 'XXXXXXXXProject'.
* Try:
Run gradle tasks to get a list of available tasks.

This is due to the earlier Android Studio creating a misconfigured the IDEA file (e.g. the .iml file) where an extra <component name="FacetManager"> XML element is added. The solution is to edit the .iml file and remove the element.