Thursday, December 21, 2006

My OSDC 2006 Paper

At this years OSDC, I did a presentation titled Development of Mono Applications with Agile Languages. The agile languages I discussed were Boo and IronPython. I have presented at the last three OSDC's and this years topic generated the most feedback and post presentation discussion for me. The paper published in the proceedings can be downloaded from here.

ISAPI WSGI SVN has moved

Due to heavy ticket spam on the old SVN site, it would appear that the isapi-wsgi site has been taken off-line. A couple of months ago I started mirroring the SVN at so access to the source code is still available. Thank goodness for backups.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is Linux ready for Inflight Entertainment?

Yesterday I flew to Malaysia on a MAS 747. It is a 8+ hour flight, but the plane has the individual movie/game consoles in the back of the seat headrest to allow me to catch up on all the movies I normally would never get to see. The only problem was that every 40-50 minutes, my console crashed. Not with the "blue screen of death", but with a Tux image and a crash trace. A few minutes later it would re-boot and the movie would continue. As a geek I do find reading a crash trace entertaining but for non-geeks, maybe not the best introduction to OSS.

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Blogger Beta Woes

Now the compose mode in browser editor has disappeared when creating and editting posts. You only understand how useful something is when it is taken away.

Also the Atom feed generation seems to continue to randomly decide I have modified posts that I haven't.

The joys of beta software.

OSDC 2006 Starts on Wednesday

Flying down to Melbourne tomorrow for OSDC 2006. The program is looking very good and I am sure the topics will be mind expanding. My talk on Mono, Boo and IronPython is midday on the second day of the conference. Based on my experience at the last two OSDC conferences, I have to agree with Andy Todd's statement:

"I expect OSDC this year like last will be full of smart people sharing great ideas, prompting me to make promises to myself to look into things that I won’t have time to keep."

So once I am back from the conference, I need to do the posts I have promised some readers of this blog:

The Status of IronPython and Eggs

IronPython and WSGI

Then I need to find the time for all the other things OSDC will have got me excited about.