Friday, May 04, 2007

A new computer for work

I am writing this post with my new MacBook Pro (2.3GHz Core 2/2Gb DDR/120Gb SATA). Alan, Andy and Graham, I know I said I didn't want one but thanks to BootCamp and rEFIt, it certainly runs my favorite OS well. And I admit Mac OS X is proving to be a pleasant experience. You can quiz me why I changed my mind at the next SyPy meeting.

MacBook Pro running Ubuntu Edgy


Andy Todd said...

Young man, that is most definitely not from HP. What swung it the 'right' way for you?

Oh, and my new work Dell is on order :-(

Keith Pitty said...

You lucky, lucky bastard! One day I'll get around to upgrading from my old iBook. Out of curiosity, why did you choose bootcamp rather than parallels?

Mark Rees said...

In response to Andy:

My boss was willing to pay the extra $'s for Apple rather than HP of the same spec so I could provide tech support his macbook. Now I can also see how Mono and IronPython run under Mac OS X. Also I had read that Linux runs like a rocket on a macbook pro and it does.

In response to Keith:

I went with bootcamp so I could run Linux dedicated and get max performance. I am hoping when VMWare for OS X is released I will be able to use it to access the Linux partition from OS X when I want to run both at the same time. (It's something I have been able to do with Windows VMWare)

mindlace said...

I encourage you to try parallels for your running-linux-in-mac pleasure.