Sunday, October 08, 2006

Now running on Blogger Beta

Yesterday I moved this blog to run under the Blogger Beta. I had been running a test blog under it for the last month, and had suffered no show stopping issues. So made the decision to move yesterday and are now regretting it. The one thing I didn't test was the Atom feed with the various feed readers that subscribe to my blog. It would appear that pyblagg (the site most of my readers come via) doesn't see that the feed has been updated, so any posts created since the move are not being displayed. Do not have time to investigate at the moment, so created a feed using Feedburner in the hope that pyblagg can use this.


Andy Todd said...

That will explain why your feed had 53 unread items in my aggregator. I thought you had had a very busy weekend.

Mark Rees said...

The blogger atom feed uses GDATA so you can do limit what comes from the atom feed. So to only get a feed that displays new entries since the move try this url:

Andy Todd said...

And there is either a problem with Blogger or your blog. I got another 8 new items in Google reader today, including this one.

The technorati search for my blog has been showing three or four versions of your blog roll a day for the last week.

Damn this bleeding edge software ;-)

Mark Rees said...

It would appear that whenever I create a post or update an existing post, that the atom feed generated by blogger seems cause various atom aggregators/readers to think all the posts within the atom feed have changed. Hopefully the blogger team will fix this soon.