Friday, August 11, 2006

My OSDC 2006 Paper Proposal Accepted

My paper proposal "Development of Mono Applications with Agile Languages" has been accepted for this years Open Source Developers Conference in Melbourne. There are 15 proposals for the Python stream, and lots of others. The accepted proposals for the conference can be viewed here. Great to see that Alan and Andy will be presenting as well.

So if you are into Open Source, want to spend time with like minded individuals and expand your mind, see you in Melbourne 6-8 December 2006. This will be my third year of attendance and I can highly recommend it.

OSDC 2006


Richard from OSDC said...

The streams aren't finalised yet, so the actual number in the Python "stream" may vary up or down before the conference runs. Regardless, it's still a good showing.

Andy Todd said...

Ooh, nice banner. I'll have to add it to my blog as well.