Friday, August 11, 2006

My CLI and IronPython Development Environment

Someone asked me what my preferred development environment for doing CLI and IronPython work is. Since I want to use IronPython to develop cross-platform apps, my operating system is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Linux running Mono I normally have a couple of versions of IronPython installed, as of today it is 1.0 beta 9 and RC1. For editting I alternate between Vim 6.4 and the MonoDevelop 0.11 editor. To test my IronPython applications under Windows and to do graphical debugging, I either run Windows XP inside VMPlayer or access a Windows Terminal Server using the Linux Terminal Server Client. And of course I have CPython 2.4 installed to compare with the IronPython implementation and access the standard library.

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llimllib said...

Move to Vim 7 - there's a bunch of new features.