Sunday, August 28, 2005

Argh, having to learn java again

After managing to keep myself employed for almost the last decade without having to program in Java, a project at work means that the end is nigh. Pulled the "Teach yourself Java in 21 days" out of storage and noted that it was published in 1996. So Java and I have kept our distance for a long time. Also means I need to get myself up to speed with what has happened to Java over the period. In the end, I just need to learn enough to embed Jython 2.1 within an existing Java front-end so I can access it's API, well that's the theory anyway. Have spent the weekend consuming lot's of articles from the web and playing in eclipse. Have lot's of respect for what "real" Java programmers are doing out there, but hard to get back into writing lot's of code to achieve something. Python has spoilt me.

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Alan Green said...

My commiserations to you. ;)

Gratuitous advice: if all you're doing is embedding Jython, it might be best to give Eclipse a miss and use a simple text editor.