Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My other interest is wine

Just to prove that I do have other interests, I decided to create this entry. Four years ago I decided that I needed to consider life after programming (not the fun programming, but the stressful, corporate, day job programming). Also it was mid-life crisis time, so I looked for what else I was passonate about and came up with wine. 13 years ago my cousin, his wife and my parents started a vineyard called Hatton Estate. At the time I was searching for the future, they decided that we needed to expand into winemaking, so I became a shareholder. So every March/April I head back across the Tasman Sea to my place of birth, New Zealand and work the vintage. It's great to spend time out in the open air working with nature, or plunging the open top frementors. It really clears the mind.

The good news is our premium wine, Hatton Estate Tahi (tahi is the Maori word for One) has been selected as one of the top 22 New Zealand wines by the San Francisco Chronicle wine panel.



Kat said...

Hey Mark, you sound like you got what you wanted and it seems really interesting. I like wine too, especially Rose, and fruity Red wine. Don't suppose you deliver to the UK?
But what I'm really asking (coz you're into PC's & Technology???) is if you can visit my site and answer my question... please....
See me at: katsyard.blogspot.com

Mark Rees said...

We actually export to the UK. The location to get our wine can be found at http://www.hattonestate.com/dynamicpage.asp?PageID=43

Kat said...

Thats really cool, most of the outlets are very near me, thanks for that. I will have to try some out.
Also, thank you very much for answering my question. There is hard drive activity, but it doesn't load properly. It gets to the Windows XP loading screen then restarts and goes to the screen where you are to select what mode to load windows, but whatever option, it goes back to that same restart loop. I've tried windows start up disk, but when installing raid drivers it crashes, very frustrating process. Thanks!