Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am speaking at PyCon AU 2011 about CouchDB

The official schedule for PyCon Australia 2011 has been announced ( My talk is the first session after the opening keynote and will be an overview of CouchDB and how you can use it with Python.

"CouchDB  ( is an open source, document-oriented NoSQL Database Management Server.It supports queries via views using MapReduce, and replication. The talk will give an overview of CouchDB followed by how to access and manipulate using Python. There are a number of python libraries for accessing couchdb and these will be quickly discussed followed by  how to use one of these libs with a Python web framework. Also there will be an example of using a Python view server in place of the standard Javascript views provided by couchdb."

PyCon Australia is Australia's only conference dedicated exclusively to the Python programming language, and will be held at the Sydney Masonic Center over the weekend of August 20 and 21.

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