Thursday, July 26, 2007

mod_wsgi 1.0 Release Candiate Available

Today Graham Dumpleton tagged the SVN and has made available the release candidate of mod_wsgi. The mod_wsgi adapter is an Apache module that provides a WSGI compliant interface for hosting Python 2.3+ Python based web applications under Apache. Graham has written it completely in C code so it has a lower overhead than the mod_python or CGI adapters. It can be used with Apache 1.3, 2.0 or 2.2 and normally runs in 'embedded mode' where the application code is executed within the context of normal Apache child processes. If you run mod_wsgi with Apache 2.x on a Unix/Linux system, it can also run in a 'daemon mode' where one or more distinct processes can be dedicated to one or more WSGI applications. Graham has put together great documentation including instructions on using mod_wsgi with some of the common Python web frameworks and applications including Trac, Django, Pylons, MoinMoin and TurboGears.

Adal Chiriliuc has built Win32 binaries of the release candidate and these can be found here.

I have lucky enough to have been associated with the testing of mod_wsgi since it's inception and want to thank Graham for all his efforts in developing and releasing a WSGI adapter of high quality and functionality. Also thanks to other testers who kept Graham honest and busy. In my humble and most likely biased opinion, I think it will become the WSGI adapter of choice when serving Python applications under Apache.

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Eric Florenzano said...

Thanks for posting this. After reading this, I checked it out, and it seems to have improved the snappiness of my django app noticeably. It also just seems like something that will make it easier for newbies, or people who are familiar with php or cgi, to use these great Python frameworks.

So, thanks!