Monday, July 10, 2006

What does the World Cup Football and OSDC 2006 have in common?

While watching the second half of today's final as Italy and France played towards a penalty shootout, I made the most of my time and submitted my paper proposal for OSDC 2006. If it is accepted I will be speaking about using Agile Languages in this case, IronPython and Boo with Mono.

Alan Green has submitted one, now just need Andy Todd to submit one, and the gang of 3 could be all speaking at OSDC again.


Andy Todd said...

It's coming. I've just been a bit sidetracked by my esteemed employer forcing me to work in my spare time for the last couple of weeks.

Richard Jones said...

Good to see you three making the trip down again!

Now all I need to do is put in my proposals... :)

Andy Todd said...

OK done. If they like the cut of my jib you can come and listen to me wibbling on about Python and databases in December