Friday, December 16, 2005

Recharged after OSDC

After attending OSDC last week, I came back energised and wanting to get some more open source stuff done.

So apart from getting Roundup to work with WSGI, I have been busy integrating a newly released version of informixdb into the Zope Informix DA and SQLObject. Informix is our development database at work and for any *ix Python DBI access we have been using mxODCBC as the previous release of informixdb had suspect threading support. The new version can be compiled with or without thread support and uses distutils to do the compile. The use of distutils alone makes it worthwhile upgrading as anyone who has tried to get the old informixdb to link has a horror story to tell. It also supports the newer data types of IDS 9 and 10.

The Zope Informix DA work is done and is currently being tested prior to release.

The experience of creating an Informix data connection for SQLObject has been interesting. I was surprised to discover that SQLObject creates insert and update SQL statements as complete strings including the data values rather than using placeholders. This created a problem for me with TEXT BLOBS as the informixdb did not translate from a string but required a buffer. The various solutions I tried can be viewed here. As none of the solutions were really perfect, I decided to request an enhancement to informixdb so it would do the string to BLOB translation automatically and the Open Source community delivered yet again. In less than 24 hours, Carsten Haese had provided a patch that did exactly what I wanted.

It had been my intention to get all these changes tested and checked in prior to going on Christmas holidays but as usual my free time as been limited with other important things like family. So looks like it will have to wait until January.

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