Friday, November 18, 2005

SyPy Meetup Last Night

Last night was the last meeting of the year for the Sydney Python group. Andy Todd did a test run of his OSDC presentation on PythonCard. Apart from having to cope with using a Windows laptop instead of his beloved iBook, it was very interesting introduction in how to use PythonCard. I gave a presentation on Python Paste and hopefully, a few more know now what it is. The discussion on Paste.Deploy prompted Graham Dumpleton to give an impromptu presentation on an extension for mod_python he is creating called lamia that as one of it's features uses Python as it's configuration language.

Confirming that Python programmers are happy to look at other languages Alan Green gave us a look at Groovy, the new Java scripting language.

As with all the meetups this year, lots of other interesting conversations and looking forward to next year. Thanks to Alan Green for organising all this years meetings.

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