Friday, September 23, 2005

OSDC Proposal Outline

It would appear that you need a login to view my proposal. So here is a copy.

WSGI - Gateway or Glue?

Short Description: Present a review of where WSGI currently is and describe/show how it is being used to create a framework-neutral set of components.

Stream: Python

30 minute Paper Presentation in English

The Web Service Gateway Interface is an API defined in PEP 333 that allows web servers to talk to Python web applications. At the time of OSDC 2005, the PEP will be 2 years old and the presentation will review the state of WSGI implementations for the various web servers including Apache, IIS, Twisted etc. It will also show how the API is used to implement a web server interface and create an application. In the last 6 months, the main WSGI community focus has been on creating web applications by composing them from components that communicate via WSGI. The remainder of the presentation will discuss this and show what can be done.

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Oops. I'll look at fixing that permission problem. The complete list of accepted papers is online, but not linked (sigh):